Ashley and Steven at work at Pizza Hut

Ashley works with Steven at Pizza Hut. She usually takes all the phone orders and occasionally makes pizzas. Steven is the dishwasher. I surprised them by coming in and quickly taking the picture. I couldn't get anymore without embarrassing Ashley. Steven loves Ashley working there. He cannot stop smiling and hugging her when she is there. He always calls me with her schedule when they first post it and he memorizes all the days and times she works!

Thank you for calling Pizza Hut can I take your order?

Ashley and the Horses

Ashley loves her internship with the vet working with horses. She hopes to be able to do that for a living one day. We had to have pictures of her with horses so we went to Grandpa Tom's and took a few photos with her doing some "work".

Ashley and Grandpa Tom

Thanksgiving Day

This year we had a very quiet Thanksgiving at Debbie's. Zach is on his mission in Michigan, and all of Debbie's kids were out of state, and Scott's family all went to Colorado to see the Avalanche play hockey. It was still very nice. Andy sliced the turkey and Ashley made apple pie. Its great that they were so willing to help out!

Ashley about to make the pumpkin. She wrapped up in the blanket for this picture because in fact she made 2 pies in her bra! Whatevers comfortable!!

Andy carves the turkey

Big Grandma and Ashley sample the fruit salad

Greatful to have great cousins!

Me and Mona

Holly stopped by to visit our family too.

Steven's 51st Birthday

For Steven's birthday we did 2 of his favorite things. We went bowling and out to lunch at Hometown Buffet. Then we went to Debbie's and had cake and we surprised Stevcn when we all pulled out the posters he has made for us. He was so happy and he had a great birthday!

Grandma is 94 years old and she beat every single one of us in bowling!

Ta Da! Grandma Shirley gets a strike!

Aunt Ida's Funeral

Aunt Ida, age 96 passed away. She died peacefully in her sleep. She looked beautiful in her casket and it was nice to see relatives again that live out of state. Aunt Joyce came in from Arizona and Kathy, Maurine and Aunt Annie came in from California. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful service.

I hope this doesn't freak anyone out but i wanted to put a pic of Aunt Ida for those relatives who were unable to attend the funeral. She looked so good!

Uncle Nick, 98 years old, Big Grandma, 94, and Aunt Annie, 92.

Visiting With Relatives

Of course we love getting together with relatives and we always spend our time around a table with food! Here we are at Chili's.

Spaghetti Factory

Now here we are again...eating! This time at my favorite restaurant. I love spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese and browned butter! I know its fattening but it is so worth every calorie! I love it!!

Steven wouldn't let me take a pic of him. Finally he said ok and then he did this! He thought he was so funny!

Carmaled Apples

We love traditions! Making caramel apples is one of them! We made funky ones this year with chocolate chips and sent them to Zach and his companion and Michael Mecham and his companion.

Ashley's Foot Surgery

Poor Ashley had to have surgery on both of her feet. They were so messed up and she had a lot of work done on them. I was so mad that I left my camera in my trunk when she woke up from surgery and had to use my cell phone camera to take pics of her in the hospital. Unfortunately i don't know how to get those pics developed! :) Anyway, here's a look at her big surgery day!

Getting ready to be wheeled into surgery.

Future lunch lady? LOL!!!


Coming home and trying to walk! Love those cute socks and boots!

Getting ready to take the stitches out!

Grandma's Halloween Party

Grandma Shirley knows how to throw a party! Our favorite is her Annual Halloween Party for the grandkids. We get so excited to receive her invitation so that we can guess what she is going to be. Then we try to gear our costumes around hers. This year we thought she was going to be some sort of wild beast, so we decided to be hunters! We had a great time at the party and another thing we look forward to seeing is her crazy dinner menus. This year we had "Grandma's Barf up Buffet" Grandma Shirley puts much thought and work into this party and we are so lucky to have such a fun party grandma!

Two Serious Hunters!

Two Serious Hunters!
Ashley and I look like we have been stuck on a mountain for 3 months!

I love this picture of Ash! She looks so white trash. It cracks me up! Especially her hair!!

I would make a very ugly man!

The whole gang! We look tough! Do you see the wild beast?

Debbie and Jessica

I love that Big Grandma participates in all of our fun! She's the best!

This will be Andy's last Halloween Party for 2 years!

playing games


We played golf with marshmellows during one of our relays. This is a pic of Big Grandma and Judy

Ashley's Halloween Dance

Ashley had such a fun time dressing up as an 80's Rocker for the Halloween Dance. She asked Colton and Tanner and Anna asked Matt and Jordan. They have all been such great friends since they were little kids and it was so much fun for them to go to the dance together. When they were on their day date carving pumpkins, Colton cut his finger so bad that me and Ash had to take him to the Insta-care to get stitches! He was a trooper and came back just in time for them to go to the dance.

Ashley loved being a rocker!

Monday, February 23, 2009

January 2009

New Years Eve was uneventful this year due to the fact that Deb, Brody and Jessica went to visit Stef & John for the holidays and they stayed til Jan. 1st. I usually go to Deb's for a party but this year I stayed home and watched the ball drop on tv. Plus I had to pack. We left early the next morning for Las Vegas. We went to visit Bill, Thera and Bella. Bill was going to fix our cars while we there. Well, the second day we were there both Ashley and I got very sick! I barfed so hard I broke all the blood vessels in my face! Not fun!! After we came home and Ash got back in the groove of school again we just enjoyed the snow. We got lots of it. A few weeks later Bill and Thera came up here to visit Mason and Graham so they stayed with us. We went to Park City and forgot that the Sundance Film Festival was going on. It was crowded! We went to lunch up there and just took the long way home. It was a nice drive. That pretty much wraps it up for January...kind of boring!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas was different this year because Zach was not with us but we still had a wonderful day. Judy and Steven came over on Christmas Eve and then Steven slept over. He was so excited to open his stocking and presents and show us his "surprise!" Holly came over on Christmas morning as well and after we opened gifts and ate a big breakfast, we went to my Dad's house to celebrate with the family. We had a great time and the best part of Christmas for us, was when Zach called from Michigan! We talked for about 1 1/2 hours and he sounded so good. He is so happy being on his mission and I couldn't be prouder, as a mother. This was a weird Christmas too because Debbie and her family were all in California spending the holidays with Stef and her family...we missed them! After we opened gifts and ate, we went home and decided to go to a movie. So we went to see Four Christmases. When we left the theater, there was a blizzard outside! We got dumped on! But it was so great. It was a beautiful night and I just felt so happy. Christmas was awesome!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Wright Family

Although Zach is serving his mission, and our family pictures were taken in 2007, I wanted to include him on our blog. He is doing such an amazing job on his mission and he is making us very proud.
Ashley is enjoying this summer. She has been helping me so much around the house...completing huge projects that have been on my list for a few years! She is such a great organizer and cleaner, I just love it!! She will be a Senior this year at Davis High and the last in the family to graduate. Can you believe these kids are growing up so fast? Ashley is leaving next week for Youth Conference for a week, and she is looking forward to next month when she turns 18!!!
I am still working at the County, in charge of Poll Worker Recruitment. I love my job! The Presidential Election in November will be way stressful but exciting as well.
I hope you enjoy our pictures!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zach loves being a missionary in Detroit, Michigan. He has been out 9 months and was just made a trainer to a new missionary! He loves doing service for the people there and he is a really hard worker. He has already gone through one pair of shoes,2 pairs of pants and is on his 3rd bike! The highlights of his mission of course, are baptisms. He baptized Holly in June and she is now living with our family. She is a fun girl and we're excited to have her with us.

Just a few cute pictures of Ashley

Ashley is so beautiful. I just wanted to add a few more pics of her.

Ashley being her cute self!

She loves blowing kisses!

Funda from Turkey comes to visit

Finally afer 6 years of trying to get a Visa, Funda finally made it to the U.S. to visit us. We had a nice time visiting. She brought us beautiful necklaces and a pretty shawl for Grandma. We gave her gifts as well. We had cake and pie and celebrated her birthday. She is a cute girl and we all enjoyed getting to know her better.

Dad and Funda from Turkey

Funda and Big Grandma. She gave Grandma this beautiful shawl.

Mom, Funda and Ray

General Conference

We were so lucky to get tickets to both days of Conference. It was incredible. We were all uplifted and came home feeling very edified. We were so excited to hear about the temple being built in Rome, Italy. Looks like we will be planning a family trip in a few years!
During the Priesthood Session we had our bi-annual Girls Night Out. We went to eat at Cracker Barrell then went to Deseret Book and shopping at the Layton Hills Mall.

Tabernacle choir at General Conference

Holly and Jessica at the Cracker Barrel

Deb, Me, Grandma and Judy

Diane, Mom and Ashley

Ashley's Homecoming Dance

Ashley went to Davis High's Homecoming with a kid named Josh. She was so happy that Tanner was in her group. They had a great time and she looked beautiful.

You can't hide beautiful

Blowin' kisses

Tanner, Ashley and a girl they just met. Sorry I don't know her name.

Margo Smith met Zach in Michigan

When I got home from Tuachan, Margo and Steve Smith came over and introduced themselves to us. They had just got back from visiting their daughter in Michigan. She happens to be in Zach's ward! She took pics of him for me and I will have to try and scan them in here for you all to see. I was so excited! She was so impressed with Zach and said he was an awesome, hard working missionary! Zach asked her if she would give me a hug and tell me that he loved me! That made my day!

Margo Smith, me and Ashley

Tuacahn Trip

We went on our annual trip down to Tuacahn again. On the way down there I said we need to stop sometime at the big red barn that says they sell ice cream. We have driven by it 1000 times and never stopped. So mom said pull over now and lets go. So we did and it was so much fun. We visited their little store, bought ice cream, every flavor of fudge you could imagine and took a picture of us out front of the barn. This will be a new tradition to our Tuacahn trip. At Tuachan we saw Les Miserables, and Big River. They were both fantastic! We shopped, ate, shopped and played Olympics in the swimming pool. We all had a blast!

What a fun start to our little vacation!

Tuachan...Deb, Mom, Sue and Grandma

Same pic but Jessie instead of me.

Me and Mom trying to take a self portrait.

Big Grandma, me and Jessica

Mom had to listen to the BYU football games while we were at the pool

Takin' a dip in the pool

Deb and me in the hot tub

Jessie catching some rays!

Bathing Beauties

I love doing the olympics when we go swimming. I wasn't going to include these cuz they are quite embarrassing but most of you have seen them already anyway. Here I am "Suzanne Wright from the United States of America" plugged nose and all! LOL

Jessica does the balance beam for our Olympic Games

Synchoronized swimming at its finest.

Toe Touch!

There's a perfect 10 for the US right there!

pefect leaps and bounds...LOL...I cannot believe I am actually posting this. How embarrassing!

Debbie takes her turn on the balance beam

Ashley's Internship

Ashley was chosen out of over 100 applicants to get the internship at Buffalo Ranch. Every other day for 2 periods during school she drives to Farmington to work the vet. It is a reproduction ranch so you guessed it...she gets to artifically inseminate race horses! Her first day was quite the adventure and lets just say it was pretty "hands on". She had quite the experience and she acted very professional although she was dying inside..LOL! Since that first day she has gained a lot of confidence and she is really enjoying learning all of the daily routines. Her favorite thing is to give the horses their shots.

Ashley loves giving shots to the horses


Every year we spend a weekend at Debbie's condo in Snowbird. This year we were so busy we could only stay for the day. After church me and my mom drove up and spent the afternoon with Jess and Brody. We had good food and just enjoyed the beautiful view from the balcony. We are so lucky to go there in September and see the changing colors of the trees on the mountain. It is so beautiful. I love the mountains and I'm so greatful to live so close to them.

Mom, Me, Jessica and Brody enjoyed a quiet day in Snowbird

Me and Mom on the balcony

Jessie and Brody love each other lots!

Ashley's Skydiving Adventure

For Ashley's 18th Birthday I took her to the Ogden Airport so they could drop her out of a moving airplane 13,000 feet in the air!...what was I thinking? She is so adventurous and I know she really enjoyed this but she was so weird cuz she never got an adrenalin rush or anything out of jumping out of an airplane...should this scare me? She said, "that was fun but not the rush I was expecting. Maybe I need to try white water rafting next!"

Ashley, Andy's friend, Andy, Diane and Doug all are skydiving today!

I cannot believe I am actually going to let my baby jump out of an airplane. I pray with all my heart that this wouldn't be our last photo together!

Getting all geared up and ready to JUMP!

I was so happy she was wearing Yellow so I could spot her easily in the sky!

She did it! She jumped, and she made it safely to the ground!

Cozza Reunion

We had to put Aunt Ida in a nursing home at age 96. We decided to have a Cozza Reunion in SLC so our relatives living in Arizona and California could come visit with Ida and spend time with rest of the family. We had a fun weekend. It was perfect timing because Stef, John, Erin and Tyler were all flying in that weekend for Rick's wedding so we all got to visit together. I love my family and I miss the one's that live out of state so much! I wish they could visit more often.

Ashley was on her way to Vegas and stopped by Costco to see Joyce before she left. I felt bad that she couldn't be here for the Cozza Reunion!

Ashley and Big Grandma at Costco

Some of the Cozza Family Women

Visitng with Aunt Ida. She was probably very shocked and overwhelmed by all of the people that showed up to see her. She just sat and smiled.

The Cozza Five. Uncle Nick 97, Aunt Ida 96, Grandma 94, Aunt Annie 92 and Uncle Don 90. I hope and pray I have their longevity!

Maureen and Gary

Mom, Me, Deb and Aunt Joyce...some of my favorite people in the whole world!!

Me and Deb decided to make it a tradition that everytime we travel or get together for reunions we need to make a stop to Haagen Daaz! ... 3 sisters indulging!

One of our favorite things to do when we get together is EAT! Here we are at Market Street Grill

More relatives

After dinner we went Grandma's to visit with Stef and Erin and their families. Here is a cute pic of Big Grandma and Baby Dane

Baby Dane and Stef. I think he is adorable!

Tyler giving Jackson some love...what a great Daddy!

I love Erin. I am so excited to that she is pregnant again and expecting a girl this time!

Ashley's 18th Birthday!!

Ashley was so surprised when she drove to school and saw the big banner we made to wish her a Happy B-day! We hung it up on the fence down Burton Lane. We also hung one on the front door. At lunch we had cupcakes and then of course celebrated her birthday later with the family. Her favorite gift this year was one she has waited for a long time for! She went skydiving!! Pictures are soon to follow so you all can see. She also received a cassette tape from Elder Michael Mecham serving a mission with Zach in Detroit. She had a fun b-day. I cannot believe she is 18!!! Oh my gosh!

Surprise! We decorated the door and left it up so everyone driving by could see that Ash is 18!!

Tanner and Ashley came home for lunch to grab a cupcake and make a wish!

Banner on Burton Lane

Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band Concert

Jessica called me and asked if I wanted to go with her and Brody and Debbie to the Layton Amphitheater to see Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band play an outside concert. You know me, I am up for anything! So I joined them. We ate dinner outside on the lawn and enjoyed a really fun concert. I love concerts where the artists include the audience in a lot of their songs and they were truly entertaining. What a blast!

Debbie, Me, and Jessica

Jessica and Brody

My Sisters Concert

Maybe some of you remember the group The Jets from the 80's. Well I went to Jr. High with them and so I was so excited when they had 2 songs that made it to the top 10. I hadn't heard anything from them for 20 years until we were listening to FM100 on Soft Sunday Sounds one day and they played this "Love at Home" song with a Samoan flair. Zach loved it! It was performed by a group called "My Sisters". When Zach left on his mission he asked that I find that cd for him. So I sent it to him and he said he goes to sleep each night listening to that cd. So I was excited when I heard they were going to be performing live at the Brigham Young Park for a free outdoor concert. So me, Ash and Tanner went and I just kept wishing Zach could be here with us cuz we knew he would love it! Well, imagine my surprise when they said that the group My Sisters performed 20 years ago and were a group called The Jets! It was great! They performed a lot of their old "Jet" songs and then ended with Zach's favorite version of "Love at Home".

Me, Ashley and Tanner having fun at the concert.

A couple of cuties!

My Sisters a.k.a. The Jets

Davis County Rodeo

Since I work for the County, we get to work at the Davis County Fair. I love working the Demolition Derby cuz I can get my family and friends in and watch it myself. This year we went to the rodeo and it was a lot of fun. It was so windy, we could hardly see with the dirt in our eyes and we hid under blankets, and ducked our heads when cowboy hats would fly off people heads and slam into the fence we were sitting in front of. It was funny and we had a great time. The whole time we were at the Fair, I kept thinking that it was one year ago that Zach opened his mission call here and the family was all together and it poured rain! Ashley didn't work the fair this year but she enjoyed going to the Demolition Derby with friends. Me, Judy, Jess, Brody, Diane and Doug met at the Fair and had dinner and walked around a bit before we were blown away at the rodeo!

The wind is just starting to kick up here.

I love this pic! Judy looks like a troll with her hair standing up like this!

Diane and Doug

The whole gang...just wait the wind gets worse!

Jessica and Brody try to keep their eyes open!

We didn't see much of the end of the rodeo with our heads in the blanket, but we did stick it out till the end!

Taggert's Restaurant

On our way home from Wyoming Downs we stopped at Taggert's Restaurant for dinner. This is by far one of my favorite places to eat! It is nestled right into the mountain and it is fun to eat outside. The atmosphere is awesome and there isn't one bad thing on the menu....DELICIOUS!!

The only bad thing about Taggert's is making a decision over what to eat...everything is great!

Me and Holly

Brody and Jessica

Wyoming Downs

This year we went a few times to see Ray's horses at Wyoming Downs. We had a great time and it was fun to take Holly and explain how things are done there. Ronny, Ray's son was the #1 trainer this year and we took several pictures in the Winner's Circle. Jessie and Brody figured out how to do the betting and did quite well at it too.

Brody, Jessie,and Suzanne get drenched at Wyoming Downs. It felt so good!

Holly, G'ma Shirley and Big G'ma

Me and Judy getting drenched between races.

Olympic Pictures

We had so much fun at our Olympic party eating foods from all over the world. We had food from USA, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico and China. Me and Grandma Shirley wore our Olympic berets and we all enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies. Every night Michael Phelps was killing me! I had to stay up late everynight to watch him swim and I got NO SLEEP for 2 weeks as I am addicted to the Olympics!!!

Me and Grandma Shirley in the Olympic Spirit!

Jessie and Brody sampling food from around the world!

Doug, Diane and Grandma Shirley

Holly joined in on the family fun!

Grandma Hobbs and Debbie

24th of July

We had fun celebrating Pioneer Day. We went to brunch at Cracker Barrel and then went to Debbie's to play "Garbage". Later that afternoon we went to Kaysville Theater to see the movie Emma. It was really good and we had a fun day just being together.

Holly and Jessica playing garbage

Big Grandma & Debbie playing garbage

Jessica and Suzanne

Grandma Shirley deciding how to go out concealed!